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The World of Ku-Mighty Awaits

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There's much to learn about the Ku-Mighty saga - The mysterious history of the Ku, the planet of Esharra and its warring kingdoms, the return of the Naga and their fabled past, the  reemergence of the secret society of the Nine Unknown, the legendary relics that link the two planets and how Earth's true history has been disguised by mythology. Every Legend has a Secret...


Discovered Log notes found in the province of Kubabbar

Let’s see…Where do I begin…

So much has happened since the vanishing of my creators and mentors, the Ku. Since their disappearance, the whole of Esharra and its once peaceful kingdoms have fallen into chaos, revolution, war, and desolation. Adding to this anarchy, our planet has been invaded by a treacherous race that has claimed that this is their homeworld and have commenced a ruthless global assault.  It has been many moons past since the downfall of our civilization and hope is running thin. I have formed a band of rebels to quest for the lost relics of known, and of legend, since these may offer the only hope for triumphing over all the adversity that has engulfed our world. I will lead my band of Collectors and set forth on a journey to locate the other eight fabled relics like the one that I now hold. I will also seek to build unity among the Anthros to fight the aggressors and to find the legendary Chosen that are prophesied to conquer evil and to protect Esharra and another place of which we do not know other than it is a world storied by the Ku. I fear that if these relics fall in the wrong hands, all hope is lost and Esharra will not resemble its peaceful past ever again. Lastly, before I sign off, I am in regret and despair since punishing and sending into exile one of my trusted Toros guard for betraying his brothers and dishonoring the code that he vowed to serve. I meditate to find peace and the guidance to prevail. At day’s start, we will venture across the Imbaru Valley and onward to the Kingdom of the Seven Gates. 

Pan-Ku, Leader of the Collectors, Master of the Toros, and Keeper of Siber.
Pan-Ku, Leader of the Collectors, Master of the Toros, and Keeper of Siber.

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Was the fiercest warrior in his kingdom during the Anthro Wars. Joined the Anthro rebel forces and was the first to find the Nagas' weakness in battle during a bitter cold night on the plains of Kubabbar.  Became a mercenary after Esharra became a multi-front battlefield and the Anthro Alliance split.


Former Assassin who converted to the secretive Order of the Ní šu-Agi (aka-The Protectors).

Assassin who converted to the secretive Order of the Ní šu-Agi (aka-The Protectors). As an anthrorep, he is mistrusted by some but has proven his loyalty and capabilities during the Naga War in which he led a surprise amphibious attack that pushed the Naga inland.



She was a dedicated warrior chosen to be a member of the Sect of the Sentinels for guarding the Pathways between Esharra and Earth. Joined as one of the nine roaming pathway guardians referred to as the Lokapālas that formed after the Ku's disappearance.

The Assassins of šudar


Formed, trained and loyal to the mission of tracking down and eliminating rogue Nagas before, and after, their exile from Esharra. Turned to bounty hunting after the Ku's disappearance. Their clan holds secrets of the Ku unbeknownst to other Anthros.

Dakini Zigsa


Devoted and altruistic monk warrior, she was assigned to protect a specific relic. Went into hiding after invasions but felt called upon to lead a rebel force against both Naga and Juuni invaders playing them against each other.

Apophis the "Gul" Destroyer


He has a long and tainted history of betrayal, death and destruction. Served in the Royal Order of the Toros, an elite guard for the Ku  and as part of Pan-Ku's band of "Collectors" after the Ku vanished. Treachery got him disavowed from the Order and he now leads an army of mercenaries, pirates and assassins to gain dominance and to find the sacred Ku relics.

Seonangsin "Seona"

Seonangsin "Seona"

An orphan raised by Shamans and selected for her expert riding and unbelievable archery skills, Seona, was commissioned as one of the 99 Ti-Zu Cavalry which protected the borders of The Shulimm.



Former weaponsmith and combat strategist first serving Queen Surya during the Anthro Wars and then advising King Murugan in the defense of the last standing Anthro Kingdom during the Naga War. He was recruited by a covert unit.

Raga the “Ní-zuh-Ab”


Captured by a pirate as a youngster when his father’s fishing boat was overtaken, he rose to become the most notorious pirate on Esharra commanding a fleet of ships that attack and pilfer at will. Decided to aid the Anthro rebel force “Ki-Bala” in the legendary sea-based attack that turn the tide of the Naga War.

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